My name is Paula, and I write here, at Indie Bodies.

I created the I Yoga Project back in 2017, where I committed to the practice fully for a year.  It was a time of lessons, growth, and it led me to self discovery in many areas of my life.

As I have continued writing in this space, I have let it become my personal place for deep inquiry.  Yoga is still part of my movement practice, but I am also allowing my curiosity to lead me into different ways of being.  I am a believer in Moving Meditation, where one delves deep into a movement practice and find the flow of it soothing and centering.  Fully embodying the present moment and allowing the deepest part of your soul to live there, without the nostalgia of the past nor the pressure of a future yet to come.

It is a mindful practice, well deserving our intention and exploration.

I appreciate your visit and I hope you find something to read that lifts your spirits or gets you into action.

I wanna hear your story… feel free to drop a comment.

Much Love,

Paula 🙂

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