My name is Paula, and I write here, at Indie Bodies.

I created the I Yoga Project, where I commit to the practice fully for a year.  As I try to balance the demands of daily life, I realized how many hours I spend bound to a desk, worried about deadlines and commitments: overthinking, overanalyzing, and depleted.

Why Yoga?

For me, Yoga fulfills three fundamental needs in my life:

  • The need to exercise my body
  • The need to quiet and steady my mind
  • The need for spiritual inquiry and discovery

I took my first Yoga class roughly  about eight years ago.  I had recently moved to Miami, Florida from may native island of Puerto Rico, and Yoga was the In thing then.  I immediately felt the pull.  The organic flow of movement that a good Vinayasa class offers liberated me from the strict schedule of the 9-6 office hours.  It gave me a moment to fully engage my whole body, while pausing and examining my current state of being. But, I never took it as a discipline to pursue.

In 2017  I decided it would be my year to reboot my whole thinking.  My expectations are straightforward and simple (read my plan), and yet, I am leaving some space open for exploration.  I am curious about the language, about Indian traditions, and about meditation.  I am challenging my own set of beliefs, pushing my boundaries out in an attempt to expand.

This is my I Yoga Project.  This is my playground into discovering my own Indie Body.


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