Free Download Latina Woman

Shepard Fairey is a contemporary street artist, ¬†better known as the creator of the Hope poster that got to be so popular during Obama’s first run to presidency. He got inspired again, and created a set of new posters that are free to download at The Amplifier Foundation’s website. ¬†Click the link… (click the Obama […]

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Wild Eyes

“All Good Things are Wild and Free” -Henry¬†David Thoreau Imagine the cosmos, spacious and grand. ¬†Imagine the planets, all known and unkown, the stars, the moons. ¬†Imagine an invisible current of Energy travelling the whole Universe, endless and continuous. ¬†Energy that transforms, but never fades, that connects… and¬†never dies. You are a spark from that […]

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The Places You’ll Go

Don’t be scared. You are meant to read this. I am writing this for you, because you need to hear this. Change is inevitable. ¬†Change is good. ¬†Change is progress. Whatever it is you’re going through, it is going to pass. ¬†Nothing stays the same: nothing. Choose your road. ¬†Please, in the name of the […]

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