A New Season

So it begins… the new year. I have to report that for me it really didn’t start until yesterday. The whole weekend felt like an extension of the previous one, still lingering like a bad childhood memory. But Monday brought with it a new energy to deal with, getting out of the house and going […]

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Free Download Latina Woman

Shepard Fairey is a contemporary street artist, ¬†better known as the creator of the Hope poster that got to be so popular during Obama’s first run to presidency. He got inspired again, and created a set of new posters that are free to download at The Amplifier Foundation’s website. ¬†Click the link… (click the Obama […]

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Change through Action

I think we are all in agreement to say that the year 2016 has been pretty tough on everybody. ¬†Not that the previous years have been easier either, but for some reason, the collective is more aware than ever of the transformational energy that is all around us. This change, however, must start here, with […]

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Indoor Clouds Art Work

Simply amazing. ¬†These were my thoughts when I first learned about this. ¬†The artist: Berndnaut Smilde, from Amsterdam. Time Magazine mentioned his work as one of the best inventions of 2012. ¬†And with good reason. ¬†I guess I can understand the technical maneuver behind it. ¬†What really moves me is the visual experience. It makes […]

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