Three Podcasts for your morning routine

We all could use a little extra something to enhance our morning experience; a little pick me up to set the right tone for the rest of the day. While working remotely this past year, I was able to pace the beginning of my days with a second cup of coffee or catching up with my reading. Not anymore. As businesses try to move their employees back on track, we have all been robbed of that extra hour or so we had to linger while waiting for the work shift to begin.

One thing I was able to discover while working from home was listening to Podcasts. I am sure most of you already have your favorites by now: that one that details gruesome crime stories, or that other that dissects business strategies, and so on. There is something for everyone in the Podcast world.

This short list I have put together, however, is specific for one thing: the episodes are short and to the point. I have been enjoying catching up on them as I am going back to a consistent morning commute. Sometimes the right word or a smart piece of information will make the difference on how your day unfolds.

Practicing Human with Cory Muscara

Quoting from Cory Muscara’s website:

“Welcome. My name is Cory. I’m interested in what makes life deeply fulfilling. I’ve lived as a monk, studied with some of the world’s leading researchers on happiness, and continue to be insatiably curious about how to help people live well.”

I first found Cory’s IG account. It immediately became one of my favorites in my daily feed. Then one day on a casual conversation with a friend, I found out about his Podcast “Practicing Human”. It quickly became a favorite go to in my mornings. The episodes get updated semiweekly, so one gets a good dose of wisdom on a regular basis. His insights on spiritualism, mental health, and self development are practical and full of common sense.

All Songs Considered by NPR

If there’s anything you need to know about me (if you don’t know it by now) is that I am a music buff. Particularly the new, yet discovered tunes that I am missing out. In this era of downloadable mp3’s and Spotify, the radio waves are my least favorite place for me to indulge in this much personal headspace of mine.

I have been a longtime listener of NPR‘s morning news and I was aware of their show All Things Considered. So when I found this Podcast it made me chuckle… smart very smart. It was an easy transition for me to pick up on the show and listen to all the good new music they offer on demand. The episodes are 30-40 minutes long and the music is paired with interviews and commentaries from the hosts.

The Moth

The stories that make up lives. The Moth oh dear, where to begin.

I am a lover of stories; any story that shows me something new, that changes my perspective, that helps me grow. Some stories are better than others, but that’s the beauty of it: no two are exactly alike. The personal experiences that gloss over the points of views are the ingredient to make all of them unique, and an opportunity to step in somebody else’s shoes.

The Moth is a storytelling podcast that in reality is an ongoing national event. Theaters across the country open up and invite regular folks to come on up on stage and tell a story. The best ones, well, those are the ones you get to experience in the Podcast. Most probably you will laugh out loud with some of them, will be shocked by others, or will be inspired by most of them. The episodes are longer, about an hour each, but you can pick and choose as you move into your daily routine whichever best story suits you best.

I hope you find these suggestions helpful. Send me a comment on your favorite ones, or let me know what you think.

Much Love,

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