When in doubt…

Photography by Laura Fuhrman

Hello beautiful bodies… how have you been moving lately?

I have been dancing by myself (insert Billy Idol’s song here). As I have been coming out of a self imposed hibernation of sorts, dancing in my living room has been the daily ritual amping up my energy with humor, groove, and sexy vibes. I always turn to music to lighten up my mood, so dancing is a natural progression to this instinct of mine. I keep telling myself, when in doubt, dance it out!

There are a few good things taking form in my side of the world: new friends are showing up, a solo trip to the desert is taking shape, and a renewed understanding of health and fitness is finally kicking in. I have been integrating all this newness and my tangible reality is finally catching up with my internal compass. All of this will be laid out in my writing in the coming weeks so stay tuned.

One big lesson that has been clear to me is this: as we are mastering our reality, we need to become aware of our emotional state. Thoughts are the premise to how we experience life, so we must conquer the bad habits we create around the way we perceive our surroundings and our states of being. Raising our vibrations simply mean raising our emotions. All good feelings like joy, kindness, or freedom come with higher frequencies that elevate our spirits. Is a simple premise, but we tend to dwell on the lower parts of the scale. Feelings of fear, doubt, or resentment do the complete opposite.

“When in doubt, dance it out!”

That’s why I am so interested about movement: our physical bodies instruct us in our reality. The vessels which hold that precious soul of ours allow us to experience Earth, our physical realm. So imagine how many realities exist when we put it in this context. For me it is nearly impossible to even begin to imagine this. Integrating the many should be our daily exercise, since we do not live separate from the whole. And for this, an infinite source of patience and gratitude must prevail.

How are you moving, beautiful soul? Tell me, I want to know 🙂

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3 thoughts

  1. I enjoyed your piece a lot, as someone who is always moving not much has been happening since the pandemic. but I hope to fix that pretty soon. I found myself in somewhat of a rutt to push out new pieces on my blog since not a lot has been really happening, but I just released a new one yesterday. This was quite uplifting…oh and I did the dancing thing in my living room as well.

    1. I am happy to hear you found a takeaway from my writing. I hear you girl! For those of us fiery souls, these have been hard times. But I believe that much of the movement that we do on the outside, has been happening in the inside, abs that is extremely important to recognize. True change starts from within, and it manifests at its right moment. Keep writing… I will be reading 😉

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