When all else fails…

For a blogger that writes about movement, I must admit not much has been happening around here lately. Not in the writing at least. Much is going on inside my inner world, a shift of sorts is taking place. I’m just not in a good place to write about it still.

I usually lead my days with forward momentum. I plan, I execute, and I ponder on the experiences. Whatever those are: yoga, running, life changes, career, travel. Always on the go, or at least planning on my next move. That’s how I’m built. I have fire within me, and it must burn. But, and this was so evident when the COVID pandemic put us all on hold last year, it is not always about doing or moving or planning. Most of life, the meaningful, kind of subtle part of it, happens in the everyday, the nuances of your daily exchanges and habitual patterns.

It’s funny how exactly a year after the President declared an official pandemic was already taking its toll on us all, I am experiencing the same paralyzing feeling I had then. This time, self imposed. Restrictions are easing all around us, and yet a need for slowing down has come up for me. Perhaps fear? No, not really. Hesitation? Yes, more likely. Hesitation about moving in the wrong direction. Of going full speed into my life without having assimilated the lessons well, or better yet, refusing to surrender to what is.

“Most of life, the meaningful, kind of subtle part of it, happens on the everyday, the nuances of your daily exchanges and habitual patterns.”

So when movement is not available, when your mind is not in alignment, or when your soul is still restless, pause. Stay still. Let the thing that is yet to be understood reveal itself. Progress is happening, regardless of us seeing it or understanding it. Let yourself be drawn to the things that inspire you, that reconnect you with the deepest parts of your being, those spots only you have access to because they are yours, and yours alone. Dwell on the wonder of your imagination, allow yourself to feel pleasure where pain was festering before. It is organic, and raw, and powerful, and we must let it be. Let your cup be empty, so that it can be filled up with the new that wants to come.

This is our life experience, and it is what we choose it to be.

Empty Teacup by the Literary Witches Oracle

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