I am the Artwork

You are the creator of your Dream. Your life is your Art.

There is something to be said about the beginning of 2021: change is definitely in the air.

Although it may seem like we are still walking on the same murky, weird ground as we did in the previous year, I think what we are actually going through is a big wrap up, like a major energy clean up. Recent events in Capitol Hill had everybody in a state of shock, while I saw everything as “…this is what we are moving away from. We are done with it.” On a side note, I must confess that the whole charade was hard to swallow. These events are the kind that you see playing out in South American countries, from which most of my friends here in Miami are and moved away from. One would’ve never thought we would see it playing out in our own backyard.

In my side of the universe, this first week of January felt like it would never end. It was long, with a lot of work, and so much unfolding around me. I injured my right ankle a little bit on New Year’s End (different story for a different post), so non of the workouts I had planned happened. Personally, decisions that were previously made are still standing, so a major shift in my own reality is happening. For better or worse, here I go.

I met with a girlfriend of mine halfway through the week at Le Chick, a really cool restaurant in Wynwood. Putting things in context for you (if you’re not from Miami), Wynwood is a trendy neighborhood in the Midtown section of the Downtown area. It’s been growing in popularity in the last five years, and I was pleasantly surprised to find that the whole COVID-19 pause did not take away the spark of the place. Many new restaurants are coming about, and I am looking forward to exploring more of this newness. My friend just moved in town and I am in good need of stretching my physical boundaries out, so we made a good pair.

Needless to say, we are coming out of a rough period for all of us. It is not in our best interest to rush anything, but at the same time, we need to take the good as it comes. “I am the Artwork”, as it reads in the picture I am posting today, reminds us that we must keep working on ourselves. The neon sign stood in the middle of the restaurant I visited earlier this week, and it could not be more true to our current times. Enjoy the girlfriends as they come, work on your body as much or as little as you can, and stay on your lane working on yourself. You are the creator of your living dream. Your life is your Art.

On a side note seekers, I read this little book,”The Four Agreements”, during the holiday season, and it really helped me in expanding my view of reality. If understanding your own living dream calls you, I advise you to grab a copy and read this gem. You can click on the image for a link to purchase in Amazon.

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