How I’m moving lately

I started this blog roughly three years ago, in an attempt to document my own personal experience with movement through Yoga. I had no idea then how the introspection of the Yoga practice would change my world view, nonetheless that it would help me navigate through very difficult decisions.

Photography by Ahmad Odeh

Today, I am still practicing my Yoga. I went to my home studio earlier today here, in my city, Miami, and met with my favorite teacher. She is always present when she greets anyone, and her class is tough but it flows. It feels like a big, tight hug, with a slap in you you butt. You get the idea.

But lately, as I’ve been going back to older posts in this blog, I have come to the realization that I am still struggling with a lot of the same issues that I had when I started writing. Some of them have evolved into different ones, but others, yeah, they’re still the same. I am not judging my journey, but it does make me think hard about how much progress can one get done if, instead of moving randomly, one starts moving purposefully.

With purpose comes many other questions, like life mission, or personal values. I am working on those since, like I said before, my world view has changed, and so have my priorities. So my movements are still undergoing some scrutiny, and frankly, I still don’t see my trajectory clearly enough.

However, in an attempt to shed some light to my own process, and perhaps spilling some of that light into your own, I am going to list some of the different ways I have been moving lately, that are not related to Yoga, that I am finding are doing good to my soul and my brain:

  1. Riding my bicycle.
  2. Choosing a new food or restaurant to eat on Sundays (or whenever I feel like it!)
  3. Taking my notepad and sitting on a cafe or tea room to write whatever comes to mind.
  4. Dancing. (Latin music on my Ipod gets me moving at once!)
  5. Long walks.

I am not thinking about how far I am moving, but actually, the quality of the movement. It needs to feel organic, and not forced. That’s where pleasure comes from. And right now, this is all I need.

Have a great end of your Saturday,

Namaste 😉

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