I am a big believer in choice. It is radical, finite, and involves action. And action is progress. Whatever motion taken that leads you forward is always a win. For everybody, even though it may not feel like it.

In my previous post, I wrote about how forgiveness is the choice of not getting stuck. This is a universal truth in my world. Although getting to the point of accepting all and forgiving sometimes (if not most of the time) is easier said than done. Because it takes a lot of energy to digest the emotions and process the truth. But the growth that follows, is all worth the effort.

There’s no other way other than moving forward. Looking north. Staying grounded in the now, knowing that the change is absolute, and there is no turning back. And while there, in your now, take some time to also forgive yourself. Because we also fail us by self sabotaging our efforts, by becoming smaller than we really are, by denying the facts that are in front of us, by not knowing better.

It’s ok. Love yourself more for it. You deserve to get unstuck. And so do I.

Have a lovely weekend, friend.


Forward does not have to be fast or radical. Intentional and consistent baby steps go a long way. And, that first step, that one that takes all of our energy, thought and guts, is the most important of all. And again, you are not running from anything, you are consciously moving forward to the rest of your life.

In order to grow, we must accept our circumstances and understand our current reality. What is in front of us right now? Can we clearly see it? Are we hanging on to anything from the past, like a heavy backpack that will weigh us down in our forward motion? Basic questions requiring straightforward answers.

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