Of Pink and the Goddess


Pink has turned out to be my favorite color lately.  Mind you, this is a new pattern for me.  Historically, I’ve stayed away from pink for many reasons, but mainly because it’s paired with anything girly, and really, I am not that girly.  Perhaps when I was 12 or 13 for a brief moment there, but no, I’ve mostly turned towards neutrals and black.  A lot of black.

But, ever since I’ve been embracing the concept of the single life, I pretty much have me, and I am a girl.  You must know all my adult life has been accompanied by a male presence.  This is the first time ever that I am choosing my own company, something I’ve feared for the longest time, since I didn’t know any better.  But, all change happens and time does its trick, and here I am: craving pink and getting to know the goddess within.

Goddess.  Female energy at its best: intuition, sensuality, emotion, fluidity, movement, change, balance.

I am letting my goddess to take the place it deserves in my life.  Making peace:  I am not fighting you anymore.

There is still much to heal, and all will fall into place at its own pace.  Not rushing.  Not judging.  Just being.


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