I Yoga: A Savasana Story


Photography by Thanh Tran @ Unsplash


Play the Soundcloud file, and experience the soothing sound of a good Savasana (this is the ending portion of every Yoga class).  Namaste…

Hello you… it’s been a while since I don’t account for my Yoga progression.  Although I’ve been keeping the practice going as promised, I am falling behind in the telling.  But to be honest, I’ve needed some time to reflect, since my mind and my emotions are currently undergoing some serious misunderstandings.  But, I want to share with you a beautiful experience I had, when I least expected it.

That Saturday morning, the Yoga class had been tough.  A full hour into the practice, I was agitated, sweaty, and steamy.  A warm, steady breath circulated from within, as I engaged every single muscle in the sequences.  It felt good.  To have control.  To own that space on my mat.

I had just figured out how to do headstands.  It had been a week long personal challenge of trusting and letting go of fear.  Day after day, getting on my knees, placing my arms and hands around my head on the floor, pushing up and up, until my legs finally let go of the ground and floated up in the air.

On that particular day, the strength was showing up in my practice, and I could feel my center getting stronger.  After a five minute headstand practice, the teacher called us to settle down, and proceed to Savasana.    It was the ending of the struggle.  It was time to reassess the lessons learned in the postures, in the difficulties of our own personal battles, before heading out the door and into the world.

I laid on my mat, facing up, palms up, in total relaxation.  Breathing in, and exhaling out, catching up with my natural rhythm, deepening my concentration into the music, enjoying the stillness around and within.

It was then, when my mind wondered and sent me to my island.  I saw myself in the isolated beach I used to visit in my younger years, in Playa Flamenco.  White sand on my feet, the shoreline appeared before me, guiding my way towards the hill on the side of the beach.  I saw the turquoise waters in front of me, and my heart was content and at ease.

At the edge of the hill, I climbed the same route I used to climb.  Step by step, I recalled the path as if I had been there just days before, even though it’s been so many years.  And as I made it to the top, anticipation took over, and a sense of relief inundated me as soon as I saw the view:  the whole island at my feet, the ocean opening up, seeing the endless horizon right before me.  It was a sense of freedom and possibility.  I felt as if I could see my past, my present and my future, wrapped up in that spot, and it was amazing.  It made sense, all of it: the confusion, the questions, and the answers I know but I am yet to reconcile.

“Slowly, start bringing yourself back, by moving your toes and then your feet.”  The teacher brought us back slowly, and I had to let go of my island.  I stood up and sat down, as we listened to the final reflection our teacher gives us at the end of the class.

A calm and peaceful day followed after.  My island stayed with me, and a smile adorned my face for the rest of the day.

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