Three Podcasts to open your mind and be inspired


I have recently discovered the power of my earphones.

These days I am drawn into myself more than ever.  Perhaps the political scene is too much and is everywhere, and it just makes me cranky.  Or maybe I am just recharging my batteries for something greater.  Whatever the reason, I must admit that I have found comfort in plugging my earphones in and getting lost in good music or empowering talk.  I have put together a playlist of “feel good” songs that safeguard my sanity in the act and provide instant peace of mind.  I have also discovered Podcasts, and I am having a real treat finding new voices and points of views.

There is a serendipitous quality to finding good Podcasts to listen to.  Although the Podcast app presents you with top rated shows to choose from, those may not always suit your needs. And then comes the searching.  The ratings give an idea of how popular or not the Podcast might be, so you may want to stick to the higher rated ones.  But still, that doesn’t guarantee you will really make a connection with the content or the speaker.  So for me,  this has been more a trial and error process.

I happen to be more inclined to conversations about personal development, spirituality, writing, and of course, Yoga.  But as you may already know, Podcasting is becoming quite popular and there are quite a few to choose from.  Bloggers, journalists, and writers are slowly finding that Podcasting is a great way to spread their messages to a wider audience, so we are seeing more and better programs popping up everyday.

Below I am sharing with you three of my favorite shows, either because they have taught me something, or because they have made me laugh a little.

1.The Portfolio Life with Jeff Goins (

Jeff Goins is a writer and entrepreneur.  His favorite themes of conversation revolve around writing and the creative life, but he also touches subjects about entrepreneurship and leadership.  He brings great conversationalists to the table, and gives the listener an excellent time both in content and entertainment.

2. The Art of Authenticity with Laura Coe (

Are you in need of a personal coach to help you move forward to the next level? Laura Coe will give you a dose of authentic motivation for moving towards the right direction.  She encourages the listener to find the path they are meant to follow and to step up to your best self.  Really good, practical conversations either by herself or with guests.

3. Zestology: Live with energy, vitality and motivation (

If you’ve been reading my blog for a while, you know how I am on the search for movement.  Well, Tony Wrighton is the man for that.  I just recently met him (by podcast of course!) and he happens to be quite popular in his hometown in Britain.  He is a TV personality, who had a very personal experience that made him be interested in the science of vitality and motivation.  Excellent podcast to find and hang on to it.


I am really interested in finding new Podcasts to listen to.  Please share your favorites in the comments, and let’s exchange our thoughts.  One sure way to learn something new is by trying something new.

What Podcasts are you listening to?


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