I Yoga : Keeping it real

brown-hairLast week I got my first mat burn ever.

After the Kundalini class the previous Sunday, I was feeling good and clear headed.  I was a little sore, but my muscles were doing a happy dance, so I pretty much went on with it. On Monday morning,  my energy levels were through the roof.

While getting ready for work that morning, my husband noticed two red marks on each of my elbows.

“What is that?”, he asked with genuine curiosity.

“I have no idea!”. It burned a little bit, and I couldn’t really think of a way I got those marks. “Could it be the Yoga?”

I grabbed a small bottle of Lavender oil that I always keep on my bedside table, and placed some drops on each of the red marks.  I felt the oil clearing the path with its antibiotic properties, and could see some white foam forming. “Great.  Heal up little ones.”

Lavender oil is a basic oil to always have handy.  While it cleans the wound, it makes sure that the new skin comes alive beautifuly, leaving no scars behind.  It also helps with calming the mind, hence the reason to have it next to my bed.

After giving it some thought, I realized that yes, my practice had been quite intense the previous weekend, and the burn marks were proof of that.  That afternoon I had planned for my practice to drop the intensity a little bit, but when the time came, I had all this energy build up that had me doing yoga bridges, camel poses, and leg stretches.

Keeping it real, my friends, on Wednesday I ended up with the worse thigh soreness that I’ve had in ages!  I had to rest for at least three days to be able to go back to the yoga studio.  Thankfully, I went to my class on Sunday as usual and I’m back on track.

Feeling stronger with each warrior pose. Owning it with each child pose.

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