I Yoga : The first month


“We are energy, and we have the capacity to shift and create the path in which we choose to dance and make life on.  It isn’t always going to be paved the way we are used to or the way we want, but with practice, we learn that if we are present and awake we can continue to move.  Move instead of getting stuck.”- Adriene Louise

Today is the last day of January.  It is also the last day of Adriene’s Yoga Revolution, which ended with a powerful and inspirational practice.

For the last 31 days, I felt as if I had a date with a best friend to hang out for half an hour after work.  Truthfully, her charisma and approach are one of the best I’ve ever seen from a Yoga instructor.  She makes you feel less alone while doing your home practice.  She’s funny, and blurts out these little songs, letting her personality come across.

I went to a new Yoga studio near our home last Sunday.  I hadn’t been to a real life Yoga class in ages, and I was a little nervous.  The class was really good, but the best part was that I felt strong.  I owned my practice and I was in control, thanks to the steady practice that Adriene provided me in the previous month.

As I dwell in the idea of our energetic selves, I can’t help but wonder, how many forms could our energy be transformed into?  What other translations are there available to us?  What other versions of ourselves are waiting to be discovered?  The only way to explore the possibilities is to continue the journey.  Moving instead of getting stuck.

And opening up.

This is the real reason.  The why in my practice.  The “getting myself out from the hole I put myself into”. The “looking straight to the sun, and letting the sunshine warm my face”.  Yes, this is the motivation why I keep moving.



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