How to get your groove back (or, how to come back to you when you don’t feel like yourself anymore)

Wind blown.

There are a few things I’ve learned so far regarding this subject.  I am still alive (thank you my sweet Lord!), so my path is still ahead of me, waiting to open up to yet another learning experience.  So, the truth is, while we are all here, existing in this very moment, we are all potentially exposed to all sorts of unwanted scenarios that could take our happiness and put it on hold indefinitely.

Loosing your groove is no fun thing.  Your are depressed, insecure, afraid to open up to anyone, guarding your heart from anything that seems foreign to you.  Your friends most probably are keeping you on the sidelines, and your self esteem is suffering the most.

Keep on reading, seekers.  Here I will share with you some helpful guidance that will hopefully help you get your groove back and get you going in the right direction.

  1. Acknowledge where you are standing.

The reasons of what got you here, you only know.  Stop for a moment, and understand where you are right now.  Examine the limitations, for in those lie the lessons to be learned.  Yes, something needs to be learned.  Figure it out, and you will have a starting point.

2.  Be kind to yourself.

Stop beating yourself up!  You are an imperfect creature, the Universe knows this, and you need to know it too.  Whatever happened, stays in the past.  The beauty of moving on is precisely the fact that new good things are coming towards you.  Yes, right now, as you are reading this, NEW opportunities are coming where you will be able to renew your spirit.  This is precisely why the first point is so important.  By acknowledging where you’re coming from, you have the chance to make good and better choices from now on.

3.  Stick to the things you love.

Do not neglect your passions.  Whatever interests you have, whatever subjects peak your curiosity, stick to those.  Learning a new skill, or improving the ones you already have, will keep you focused in something worth while.  You will have something to do while you figure out your next move.  And who knows what this new skill will bring you later on the road. (as a side note, my interest for Yoga comes from one particular period where I felt out of place within my own skin.  The practice welcomed me in, and soothed my soul beyond measure.)

4.  Be open to change.

Change is inevitable.  It is the only sure thing you can count on.  Don’t fight it, just embrace the beauty of the unknown.  Make your peace with change, and let it do its job.

5.  Explore

Ah! Finally, the fun part.  We re the adventurers in our own lives.  You are walking your own path, and whatever you find is entirely up to you.  Listen to your soul, and go where the wind is blowing.  Sail into the ocean with a brave heart, and know that EVERYTHING WILL BE ALRIGHT.

I send you my love and wish you all the beauty, kindness, and wisdom of the Universe.

“Be the Unicorn you want to see in the World” (click the image)

One thought on “How to get your groove back (or, how to come back to you when you don’t feel like yourself anymore)

  1. Lovely read and some great points. Being open to change is one I’m particularly trying to work on in my life right now. Finding it challenging as I always like to feel in control. Currently finding the Yoga With Adriene mantra “allow, release, let go” super helpful.

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