The Power of a United Majority

women“It’s historic!”, they say.

“The biggest protest in the US history.”

The times we’re living are times to be LIVED.  To open our eyes and listen carefully.  To understand what is being said and question everything.

These are times where progress is at stake.  Times where the players in the political game are clueless.  Because this is unprecedented.  There is no history to back the strategies on.  These are times where innovation is demanded and creation is in the making.

I am a Latina woman.  I am also a U.S. citizen.  I am one of those “undecided” ones, the ones that have no party affiliation.  If I had to give myself some sort of label, I’d say I’m a liberal with traditional values.  Values such as liberty, to choose or not choosing, or to come out or stay quiet.  You decide.  Values such as loyalty, where I get to pick my side and stick to it;  because I believe in it, I believe in us.  But I also dance to the rhythm of inclusion, where we are ALL part of the whole, and we ALL matter.  So there’s gotta be compassion, and acceptance, and tolerance.  So that we ALL fit into it.  So that Love wins.  And Love MUST always win.

Yes, these are times to be lived, and the transformational energy that moves me to write these words, is the same energy that is shaking things up.  Speaking up is the only antidote.

Today, I am proud: to be a woman, to be a Latina, and to live in this nation that is called the United States of America.

Dream on, Seekers.  And keep the fire burning.


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