Books to consider: The Subtle Art of Not Giving a Fuck (yes, you read right)


It’s been a strange week.  It started quite peppy, but somewhere between the holiday and today, things went southbound.  Nothing specific has happened, really.  It’s just… I’ve been moody, uneasy.

The highlight of my week, however, has been this really good book I’ve been listening to.  I was browsing through the suggested titles to download on my audiobook app, and there it was.  The color grabbed my attention and the title…. well, had me clicking and downloading instantly.  You must know that self help books are not really my thing.  Yes, at some point I have succumb to them, in an effort to understand my complexities.  But I don’t usually gravitate toward that genre.  My bookcase is more versed in fiction, spanish literature, spiritual studies, and writing methods.  But my mind is an open vessel, and there are always exceptions.

And what a great exception this book is.

I give too many fucks, about too many stupid things.  Mind you, instinctively, I’ve known this.  For some time I’ve been decluttering my mental web, in an effort to focus on what really matters to me: the unraveling of my deepest potential.  But I keep having this tug war with my ego and my insecurities, and honestly, is exhausting.  So, when Mr. Manson suggests that the struggle defines you, that had me thinking in many things.  When he argues that your values might be all screwed up and that you must reconsider having new and better ones, that really got me thinking… about a lot of heavy stuff.  (that’s why I’ve been so moody, of course.  My cage has been rattled, and I am inside, banging my head all around it!).

My values.  It’s funny.  In a totally different conversation I was having, it was pointed to me about the importance of identifying my values.  So, it was no coincidence at all when this same train of thought suddenly appeared in my morning commute while listening to the audiobook.  I don’t have an answer right now.  This is going to continue into other conversations.

So, if you’re going through some heavy stuff, and need some good, common sense advise, grab a copy of the book, my dear friend.  I have a few people that I think I will be gifting this book too.  Because really, we all need to get our fucks in order.


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