I Yoga : Flowing with it

Moving into January has been a little bit tricky on my end.

How about you?


Hello dear friend,

The year has started with mixed energies, and it’s been a little bit hard to find my grip.  Mind you, we are just coming out from Mercury Retrograde (for those of us who believe in planetary interventions, we know it gets kind of funky), and I understand how energies are in flux during these days.  But I’m sticking with consistency, and I am following my course as planned.

My yoga has been steady, and at this point, it is becoming necessary.  I call it now my “happy hour”, for I get to be Just Me with Me for the time the practice lasts.  I got sick over the weekend and missed some practice, but I picked it up on Monday and didn’t let that minor hiccup get under my skin.  Besides, expectations are in check, and I know things will happen.  The test resides in the commitment, and this time around, I am not wasting time.

I am putting things in order.  I am reviewing my spaces, and decluttering my surroundings.  From my home-office to my Podcasts on my iPhone, I am reviewing, removing and injecting new views and sounds.  I am clearing the air and making space for the new to come.  New ideas, new words, new people, new alignment.  I don’t know if it’s the yoga talking or just my intuition, but my brain is receiving an injection of possibilities. Exactly what I’ve needed.

Go in peace, Seekers.




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