I Yoga : 365 days of Yoga in 2017


There you have it: my master plan for the new year 2017.

In theory, it is really a simple idea: getting on the mat, every single day, and commit to a yoga practice.  The truth is, knowing me as much as I do, I am very inconsistent.  I get excited about stuff, learn it, and then just move on to something new.  So, as easy as it sounds, for me, it is a challenge.

Why Yoga?  For several reasons.

  1. I am in search for body movement and fluidity: My daily routine includes a day job that has me sitting for 6-8 hours (depending on how much moving I do during the day) and a commute of 3 hours.  Too much sitting around, folks! And too little time left for my real life outside of the office: building relationships, reading my favorite authors, writing this blog, cooking healthy meals…. I am craving organic movement, intuition, free form.  Yoga offers the perfect opportunity to stretch my muscles to greater lengths, and to open up my body into receiving much needed flexibility.
  2. To soothe my mind: I am very curious about meditation.  I’ve done very little of it, and want to introduce my brain to the benefits of steady thinking.  The poses, the intentions, provide for moments of concentration that put you in this meditative state.  Much like our muscles, the brain needs stretching as well.
  3. To develop strength :  As the practice progresses, the asanas get harder… and tougher.  I have never stayed practicing yoga long enough to get to this point.  I want to explore the possibility of crossing over from a casual, beginner yoga practitioner, to the advanced and grounded yogi experience.

I found yogi Adriene Louise  while searching free yoga videos in YouTube. I connected with her in Instagram and found out about her yoga revolution idea, and thought it was exactly what I needed to begin my practice in January 1st.  She offers a 31 days of Yoga challenge that syncs perfectly with my intentions for the new year.  If you feel like you want to do this too, make sure to visit her website and join the group.

I am a seeker as much as you are, and I want to think we are in this pursuing of higher things together (whoever and wherever you are).

Be in peace seeker… meet you in conversation

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