End of a Year


Hello Seekers,

How do you approach the end of a year?  Do you have any ritual or custom that you do during the final days of a cycle?

For me, it is always about moving forward.

I usually get very quiet. I bring the net results of my efforts up for review, and re consider my options.  I acknowledge the lessons, I clean the mental clutter, and celebrate the victories, however big or small.

This doesn’t mean, however, that I am not taking action.  There is hope in the air, planning, and thinking, a lot.  Ideas start taking form, notes get set on paper, and things start taking shape, little by little.

This new year 2017 brings openness.  It brings a chance to be present in  life, and love everything in it.  The invitation is there to seize the moment, and to fully explore our boundaries.  To push them out, stretch them up, and see how far we get.

I have a few ideas that I will be sharing with all of you seekers out there.  If you are there, and reading this, know that I am on a mission for change.  And you are more than welcomed to join me.

Change is good. Change is life.

Be joyful… Paula


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