New Moon


Silver light, moon light… open the gate.  I am coming through.

I understand cycles.  They are an intricate part in everything that we, as humans, do everyday of our existence.  I welcome them, and let them guide me through the times that I need to live.  Like waves, they gently carrying us through the motions, always knowing that the landing is near, and that the journey is never over.

Our loyal companion and most trusted ally, our Moon, is an amazing thing. It has a direct physical impact to Earth, while respecting boundaries.  With its magnetic pull, it sets the tides of our oceans, and affects our biological rythms.  It is part of our psyche, our romances, and mysteries.  It also sets the tone for deeper realizations, and personal discoveries.

Today, a new cycle begins.  A new moon is in the sky above, shying away from the public eye, while shivering with the radiant energy of new beginnings.  Is telling us to finish up healing those old wounds and look ahead, get your head up high.  There is something new in your horizon, and is amazing.  There, right there, is your path. Follow it, conquer it.  It is for you, and only you.

Oh, lovely Moon of ours.  Shine your light bright, and let us see clearly the way to go.


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