Falling into Autumn


Autumn is here. My favortie season of the year.

A time where the sun shies away from the intensity of Summer, and nature wraps everything in gorgeous amber tones.


Gapstow Bridge, Central Park in Autumn photo by Rustika Photography

Some of my most important memories are stored in this autumnal light: my anniversary, New York City, my birthday, and my father’s death.  So, it is always an important part of this season for me to re assess me, and prepare for the end of another year.

These days, I am more aware than ever before of my present moment.  I have understood the importance of working with my now, so that my tomorrows unfold as I wish them. Just like leaves falling off from the trees, my now requires to shed all excess baggage, and leave old thinking patterns behind.  Unlearn and re learn.

I received an email the other day with a note that read “Go where the Love is”.  My love is right here, doing the hard work.  Opening up in order to dust off the old, and in with the new.

The best work we will ever do is to be in peace with our own heart.


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