My Yoga Practice

Crina practising yoga

Yoga has been an on and off topic in my life for the past 8 years or so.  A friend of mine mentioned there was a new class set up at the local community center, and we enrolled together.  The Yogi teacher was a late forty something guy with a belly.  He didn’t quite fit the idea I had of a Yogi, but I went along with it.  He turned out to be an excellent teacher, at least for the introductory phase and basic postures.

I have been to other Yoga studios since then, and I’ve met really good teachers along the way.  But today, I am mostly doing my Yoga practice alone, at home.  There are really good Yoga Channels in Youtube that get me going in the right direction.  I also have various good books on Yoga poses that give me a good backround on the pose and why it is important to perfect it.

Yoga is a very personal matter.  I’ve found that setting the right intentions before the session begins empowers the practice, and helps me focus on the whys.  The body, the mind, and the spirit come together at once to converse with each other.  This brings self revelations and truth to my conciousness.  It also makes me feel sexy and empowered, a wonderful side effect that my husband is yet to quite get.  But he definitely benefits from it.

My biggest challenge is consistency; to put my practice as priority and not as a secondary thing to do in my day.  I am striving for that, and so this is my intention for the week.

Leave me a message to connect.  I want to get in touch with other Yogis in the making out there.

Be well, my friend.




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