Wild Eyes

“All Good Things are Wild and Free”

-Henry David Thoreau


Imagine the cosmos, spacious and grand.  Imagine the planets, all known and unkown, the stars, the moons.  Imagine an invisible current of Energy travelling the whole Universe, endless and continuous.  Energy that transforms, but never fades, that connects… and never dies. You are a spark from that Energy.  Our souls belong to that neverending cycle that exists in all living things.  Humming and vibratating in unison to everything that is.

Our souls are Wild, our souls are Free.

Why, then, do we insist in staying small? Why do we settle for whatever life brings to the plate, when, in fact, we should be choosing what is beign served.

Wild Eyes.  We have forgotten to see through our Wild Eyes.

Today, I choose to set my imagination fly.  I choose to be daring in my views, and to liberate from pre conceived assumptions about me, and my surroundings.

I am reclaiming my Wild Eyes.  What about you?




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